The Chest Coach System Review


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The Chest Coach System claims to offer the ultimate solution to lose man breasts once and for all. This particular product caught my eye because the author himself suffered from Gynecomastia for years. He finally found the concrete solution and now offers us a step-by-step guide to get rid of man breasts for good.

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Here are some interesting facts:

Do You Know:

i. One in three men will suffer from man breasts at some point in their life. Unfortunately, this number is only increasing due to our modern lifestyle.

ii. Living with Man Breasts is a thunderous blow to a man’s self esteem and body image.

iii. It is more commonly caused by hormone imbalance, if not a result of a genetic condition.

iv. Hardcore weightlifting is not the solution. The pectoral muscle will only aid in lifting the breasts.

v. Losing weight and changing your lifestyle (diet, exercise etc.) is a smarter choice.


“What do you know about the Author”

Let me start off by saying that I am very impressed by The Author’s (Cliff Manchaster) work. The information he has provided is concise and to the point. Cliff himself was a Man Breasts sufferer for over 15 years. This system is a result of his fight against Gynecomastia and he beat it.

Not very long ago he was trying everything under the sun to get rid of his Man Breasts. Drugs, diets, exercise regimes etc. but nothing seemed to have an effect on his miserable condition.

Living with Man Breasts is a pretty darn difficult condition to get over. It really damages one’s self-esteem and body image. It is very frustrating to anyone suffering from Gynecomastia and so it was for Cliff Manchaster.

Finally, one day it clicked. He realized that the key to losing Man Breasts is about balancing hormones as well as weight loss. That important realization was the beginning of the most complete How to get rid of Man Breasts? program out there.

“What is The Chest Coach System about”

Well this program is about two main concepts:

i. Weight loss

ii. Balancing hormones

Both are inter-related and definitely compliment each other. The key to losing Man Breasts is by focusing on both subjects at the same time. The information provided in this system is outstanding. The manual may not be entirely unique but the system as a whole is exquisite.

The Chest Coach System teaches you how to identify changes in your body, emotions and how it effects your hormone balance. It also teaches you about better food choices for people living with this condition and how to help your body prevent excess fat storage.

Here is a list of few things you will find in this system:

i. The 3 reasons that cause hormonal imbalance.

ii. How being overweight creates Man Breasts.

iii. Exposure to hormone altering chemicals.

iv. Underlying hormone altering conditions.

v. How steroids alter hormones.

vi. Right way to do cardio.

vii. The iron squeeze method.

viii. Advance workout program.

ix. The right diet.

And most important of all,

x. The Reverse Process.

“Can you explain The Reverse Process”

This process mainly focuses on how to naturally increase testosterone production in your body and simultaneous reduction of estrogen. Estrogen is the culprit behind Man Breasts. It is also the same chemical that aids in female breast growth. The Reverse process will naturally reduce estrogen levels and maximize testosterone production giving you the flat ripped chest you always wanted. Also, it will help you lose excess fat.


“My Honest Opinion”

This system is a complete step-by-step guide and worth every penny. The information is unique because of its focus on balancing hormones and reversing the Gynecomastia condition. It is safe and natural. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages.


i. Teaches you secrets of balancing hormones.

ii. Teaches natural and safe methods to get rid of Man Breasts.

iii. One-on-one coaching and lifetime updates.

iv. A high success rate ( over 10,000 men in over 35 countries have successfully achieved great results ).

v. A 60 day money back guarantee. ( backed by Clickbank )


I wouldn’t exactly call it a disadvantage but you will have to be dedicated. This system requires consistency and effort on your part. If you make the positive changes in your lifestyle, the results are guaranteed.



The information provided is highly valuable. It is a complete system and will show results. The manual is to the point and very easy to understand. This easy to follow system will transform your chest forever.

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