How to Reduce Man Breasts – Eliminate the Cause


Gynexin Alpha FormulaThe medical term for man breasts is gynecomastia. When looking at how to reduce man breasts, one should know that there are various causes for this condition and different methods are recommended as a cure to treat gynecomastia depending on the cause.

As stated above, treatments depend mainly on the type, extent and cause of man breasts. In some men, unnatural woman-like breasts are formed due to different reasons such as being overweight, fat in the chest due to genetic factors, side effects from certain prescription drugs and hormonal disparity. The cause of the abnormality should be investigated before undergoing any sort of treatment.

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It is believed that forty to sixty percent of males encounter this condition at some period during their life time mainly during puberty. If you’re wondering how to reduce man breasts and you’re a teen, then the best thing to do is wait. The condition disappears within one or two years once you hit adulthood.

In some cases the existence of man breasts does not does not go away after puberty. In such cases we need to think about how to reduce man breasts for adults. We have to keep in mind that this condition is not a health hazard but it is an embarrassing and emotional hindrance.

We have to select a cure based on the cause of gynecomastia so it is better to have a medical opinion on the cause and possible cures by letting a doctor assess your individual condition first. That is the most effective way on how to reduce man breasts to ensure it doesn’t come back again in the future.

Medical conditions that cause gynecomastia are usually tumors, thyroid related problems, genetic issues and minor to major liver damage. If the cause is removed, gynecomastia can be controlled and your chest should return to normal. If the treatment is not leading to satisfactory results, you may require surgery as the next viable option.

There is a different type of gynecomastia called pseudogynecomastia that develops because of excessive fat tissues in chest area. Poor food habits or obesity may cause this condition. Adopting a well balanced diet and doing physical workouts usually solves the problem.

You should remember to include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Regular physical workouts help you to become lean and fit. Avoid alcohol consumption and in taking any drugs or steroids as they’re known to trigger enlargement of male breasts in certain individuals.

Gynecomastia can be a side effect of some prescription drugs. If you are taking medicine under your doctor’s advice and happen to develop symptoms of man breasts, it is possibly due to the effect of the medicine you are using. Consult your doctor immediately and get some alternative drugs to treat your condition.

Gynecomastia will disappear soon after you replace your problematic drugs, and if it doesn’t then the doctor should be able to suggest something. This is how you can  reduce man breasts that occur due to taking prescription drugs.

Hormone therapy gives good results in cases where hormonal imbalance is the cause of gynecomastia. Taking hormones and adding hormone production diet supplements (mainly testosterone) to your diet solves the problem.



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