How to Get Rid of Puffy Nipples


How to get rid of puffy nipplesSo you have got puffy nipples?Are you fed up with having an unmanly chest? Are you wanting to get rid of puffy nipples?

Let me help you understand and effectively get rid of puffy nipples.

The actual term for puffy nipples used by the medical world is Gynecomastia. It is a Greek term which in simple English means breasts on men. Although, a cause for embarrassment it is not a dangerous condition. How so? because you can pretty much get rid of puffy nipples without surgery and it is only the beginning signs of Gynecomastia.¬† You are fortunate that you don’t have full blown Gynecomastia.

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Ok, so you have the symptoms, what now?

Well if you are a teenager then you can take a sigh of relief because really you shouldn’t even be worrying too much at this point. Why? because almost 90% of the time teens through puberty exhibit early signs of Gynecomastia¬† due to hormonal changes. Good news is that these symptoms usually fade away as you reach maturity.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can totally neglect it. I advice you to keep a close eye on your condition. Young adults with this condition should remain active and indulge in physical activity. Indulging in sports and cardiovascular activities would definitely bring positive changes to your body. Negligence concerning your health and fitness could possible make things worse in coming years.

What about adults with this condition?

Adults should be more worried about getting rid of puffy nipples because its here to stay. Unless you make some positive changes in your life, it is not going to budge. Gynecomastia in people over 21 years of age is a serious condition and can cause considerable damage to your self esteem and social life.

What positive changes are we talking about?

Firstly, get on a good diet. Now don’t starve yourself sick. I just mean eat healthier, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grain breads you get the idea. Also, strictly stay away from starchy, excessively fried or fatty foods. Drink loads of water because it washes away toxins from your body, keeps you energized and feeling fresh. Water is your friend, Sodas (regular or diet) are not.

What more can you do?

Few people with puffy nipples believe that working out in the gym would make the condition worse. NO, it would not. However, bench pressing all day long would definitely make things appear worse. Why? because heavy lifting will build muscle tissue underlying the nipples. So that is obviously going to escalate the situation. If you know what I mean.

What you need to do is mix things up. Cardiovascular exercises will definitely help you, running, cycling, swimming, jumping jacks etc. That is what your body needs. It needs action. You don’t need to bulk up, you need to cut down. Make the right choices and your body will respond the right way. Exercise (about 30 mins a day) 3 to 4 times week (focus on cardio), eat healthy and you will see a difference. Promise.

Also, you should invest in a good and safe supplement to lose chest fat. Supplements are not bad, as long as you follow the directions. The right supplement will only enhance the effort you make.

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Wishing you a fat free solid chest for life.



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